NZSOS 2016

Claire Sadler

After living in various parts of New Zealand and Western Australia, Claire Sadler made her home in New Plymouth. It is here, in 2006, that she began sculpting. She feels privileged to be a member of the Te Kupenga Stone Sculpture Society. Sadler primarily sculpts Taranaki andesite, a local volcanic hardstone. She also enjoys working in Maratoto andesite and basalt. Sadler prefers to work with simple forms that create strong silhouettes, light play and negative space. Her sculptures tend to be expressions of her personal journey. She says, she cannot create that which she does not feel and sculpting stone, like life, is a journey of learning and a continuing dance. Recently the artist has been experimenting with geometrics and hopes to explore cubism. Meanwhile, a fascination with the movement of smoke, steam, fire and clouds draws her to curvaceous pieces. Sadler is starting to exhibit widely. She enjoys opportunities to share and learn created by attending symposia within New Zealand.

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