NZSOS 2016

John Mulholland

John Mulholland was born in Folkestone, England in 1951 and emigrated to New Zealand in 1953. His father’s work as an architect, draughtsman and clerk of works took their growing family of eight to many different places throughout New Zealand. This generated Mulholland’s fixed and fluid relationship to the land, which persists as an overarching, creative influence in his work. Finding an acoustic guitar on the side of the road near their Timaru home in 1965 was one of Mulholland’s early encounters with the arts and sparked his talent for writing music. The influence of his father’s work, his mother’s love of learning and his older sister’s musicianship and artistry was profound. Song writing, performance and recording, drawing and design, theory of art and architecture, building and engineering, photography and graphic design followed as a wealth of experience to inform his art practice.
Mulholland works across a diverse range of media, using found objects, sculpture, painting, print and photography to articulate space, shape and language in a conceptual framework. Mulholland’s work is held in private collections throughout New Zealand.

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