NZSOS 2016

Lipika Sen and Prabhjyot Majithia

Lipika Sen and Prabhyot Majithia are contemporary artists and conceptualists whose landmark public art spins and twirls with the wind at New Plymouth, New Zealand. It is a six meter tall steel and acrylic kinetic sculpture entitled, The Firkee Wala – In My Heart Of Eternal Childhood. Creating multi-dimensional works that include sculpture, acrylic on canvas, digital drawings, words, sound, music and film, the pair have won several awards for their animation virals. Ted X Tauranga recently featured the artists with their signature Tricky Box series of curious multi-media, experiential works. Whimsical, poignant, empathetic and intriguing, their works can be found in international art collections and galleries, and were shown at NZ Sculpture on Shore 2014, the National Fieldays No. 8 Wire Art Awards 2014 at the Waikato Museum, Whakatane Museum 2015, the Tauranga Arts Festival 2015 and the Hamilton Garden Arts Festival 2016. Their latest outdoor experiential sculpture, Jugalbandi At The Park , is created exclusively for NZ Sculpture on Shore 2016.

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