NZSOS 2016

Mark Cain

Originally from the UK, Mark Cain is qualified as a Mechanical Engineer and has been creating with his hands since early childhood. He and his family have been living in New Zealand since 2013 and this has opened up new horizons for creativity.
Cain has produced art in many forms – most recently in the digital art space, both online and printed. His love of wood has grown since living in New Zealand with the new range of available varieties, cultural and historical connections, and opportunities. Much of his work has been crafted in reclaimed wood from demolished buildings enabling him to give new life to each piece.
Cain has also become skilled in casting concrete. Over the last 10 years he has developed a series of concrete art pieces that are found in homes across the world. Some of his latest work can be seen on beaches and in public spaces across New Zealand.
This is the second time that Cain has exhibited at the NZ Sculpture Onshore exhibition and he is excited to be part of this great event.

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