Anneke Bester

Anneke Bester

What inspires your art practice?
Living in South Africa during the time of change, one gets a good understanding of what it takes to change the world and how important it is for us to be brave enough to do so. I have since realised that by myself I cannot change the world, but I can make it a more beautiful place. With my art I can draw attention to topics that matter while still creating beautiful pieces of art. This way I can inspire other people as well as instil awareness, to be brave enough to help bring about change.

What materials do you work in?
Super Sculpy is used to create the form which is then transformed into a mould in silicone rubber at the foundry. A hollow wax form is cast by the foundry and put through the lost wax process and is finally cast in bronze. It is a lengthy and arduous process that results in pieces that are nearly indestructible.

Describe your artwork for NZ Sculpture OnShore 2021
In a world where oil is becoming a dirty word and fresh water is our only true gem, we pollute the arteries of mother earth daily. I am taking a stand in this time of realisation. In this collection, I am depicting water in a human form - we are after all mostly water, showing us the beauty of water in the way we understand beauty, and the reflection we see of ourselves in the water around us. When we look into the water, will we see a beautiful clear reflection or will it be polluted with our own arrogance?

Where are the public most likely to see your artworks outside of NZSOS?
Artform Gallery, Exhibitions Gallery, Form Gallery, Windsor Gallery, Yorkstreet Gallery, Eade Gallery, Purpose Gallery, Tait Gallery and Home Gallery.
In Portugal it can be seen at Art Catto in Loule and in Studio 7 in Dubai, UAE.

Where did you study?
When I left school I wanted to study fine arts but my father was against it and refused to assist with my study loan (a requirement in South Africa). Later I found a course that my father approved of and I studied Theatre Craft (now Entertainment Technology) in Pretoria.

Sculptures by Anneke Bester

NZ Sculpture OnShore Returns 2021

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